Learning Through Group Online Games

There are undoubtedly a lot of great reasons why people will play games online. There are some who enjoy the single games, while others really like what the group games have to offer. One of the reasons why online group games are so beneficial is that they can also be used for learning.

Group Games in the Educational Environment

Some teaching establishments are running with the idea that they can take something that the kids enjoy, and turn it into a learning tool. An excellent example of this is one school, that is taking a group game like Metric Mystery, and while enjoying the gist of the game, the students are learning some critical math skills. Then, in other classroom settings, the students may become involved in a game like Minecraft.

Types of Online Groups with a Learning Foundation

Just as there are many online group games developed for the sheer enjoyment of the game, a lot is being produced with a focus on learning and developing skills. The following are a few examples of these.

  • Ice Breakers: These are games that are comprised of activities that will get the group to share with each other, and allow them to get to know one another.
  • Team Building: As the name implies, these games focus on actions that will allow participants to problem solve in leadership positions.
  • Team Puzzles: Many of these online games can encourage players to think as a group.

Benefits of Group Games

Many of the benefits that online group games offer are similar to those that the single player games offer, but some are enhanced. Such as:

  • Staying engaged
  • Skills development
  • Socialization
  • Commitments

A lot of kids who have difficulty fitting in with their peers, often find that with the online game setting, that they are able to adjust more easily.